November 2019 – Field Trip

Our YAs are very enthusiastic and we are delighted at how well our first year as a YAC is going. As a special thank you, we arranged to take our YAs on a field trip to the University of Glasgow Archaeology Department.

With funding we received to start our YAC, we were able to take the YAs via public transport and got to experience the train and the subway (which was a fun and new experience for most of them).

We met Dr Kenny Brophy, Senior Archaeology Lecturer who led us on a fascinating tour around the department. We got to experience what it would be like being a student at UoG and even got to take part in a lecture! The lecture was fascinating and focussed on some gruesome facts and stories from prehistory.

We were also lucky enough to get a chance to handle some really great artefacts and do some finds washing (which is always a favourite for our YAs).

We really had an amazing time and cannot thank Kenny and Jan enough for their time, patience and effort! It is great to be able to give our YAs these experiences and would not be able to do it without the kindness and generosity of others.

Our YAs got the chance to tell us what their favourite part of the day was:

My favourite part of today was cleaning the stones. I found it really fun and seeing all of the archaeological things. And I also liked the train because I barely every go on one.”

“My favourite thing of the field trip was 1. the train ride, 2. the tour, 3. cleaning the stuff and I thought it was a really fun experience.”

“All of it because I did not know what I liked.”

“I enjoyed cleaning the rocks and glass because it was interesting. :)”

“My favourite part of the annual YAC trip was the part where Kenny was giving us the talk about the bodies. I found it very interesting and fun to learn about. Overall I really enjoyed the whole trip and hope to go on another one soon.”

“My favourite thing was the subway train and the Krispy Kreme donuts.”

“My favourite part of the trip was the finds cleaning because it was very interesting. The chairs were also comfy and cool and the train because it was a great experience.”

“The fast train [subway] because I have only been on a train 3 times before.”

Ayrshire YAC Young archaeologists 2019-20

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