January 2020 – the Romans

Our latest Ayrshire Young Archaeologist Club (Ayrshire YAC) session focussed on the Romans in Scotland. We learned about what the Romans left behind and were impressed by how many things today were originally used by the Romans. Some of these things include straight roads, central heating and baths.

Our young archaeologists took part in a few craft activities including making their own mosaics and trying their hand at making and using Roman ink. We practiced writing with our homemade ink in Roman characters and using some Latin phrases.

We also had some fun with the tablets onto which we had downloaded the game developed by Historic Environment Scotland, ‘Go Roman’. The ‘Go Roman’ game allowed our young archaeologists to wander around a digitised version of the Bar Hill Roman Fort. They could also select if they wanted to explore as a slave or a soldier and had different tasks and quests to do based on their roles. More information about this app can be found here:

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