Ayrshire YAC was established in April 2019. We have had a very successful start and hope to be able to keep up the momentum.

Our Young Archaeologists have been given lots of opportunities and experiences that they maybe would not have done, if Ayrshire YAC had not been created.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer new and fun experiences to everyone, regardless of background or experiences.

In order to help keep Ayrshire YAC accessible to everyone, we need to raise crucial funds to purchase new materials and resources, as well as hopefully arranging field trips. This ensures that the young archaeologists get as much from their time at Ayrshire YAC as possible. We also hope to help these young people develop important skills including social, teamwork, leadership, practical, communication and so many more.

Ayrshire YAC is run entirely by volunteers and so all donations will go straight into giving these young people the best experience possible.